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Press to talk

Press to talk (instant network communications):

Opt for the best direct and group communication solution in the country!

Bell's Push-To-Talk service improves communication and productivity by enabling employees to instantly communicate at the push of a button. As the solution uses Bell's network towers across the country, your coverage is equal to that of standard cellular communication.

It allows to:

  • Connect your store staff, delivery team and wholesalers in multiple locations and talk to them separately or in a group, across Canada without intercity.
  • Improve customer experience by enabling immediate response to requests.
  • Increases safety, reducing steps and time to seek help or simply signal a potential danger.


In addition, you can use a host of smart phones already on the market, as most are compatible with this solution or you can use ultra-robust equipment for harsh environments.

Some have a three-year, all-risk, shockproof and liquid-infiltration warranty.



The Push-to-Talk Distribution Console allows dispatchers to make Push-to-Talk calls to one or more workers from a Windows-based computer.

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