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Tracking solutions

Tracking solutions with Fleet Freedom:

Reduce the distance between your office and your assets in the field!

Our Solution offers you the location of mobile units and other assets such as:

  • Mobile vehicles
  • Cellular phones
  • All other important assets to the company

Our fleet management solution integrates:

  • Automated location of moving vehicles
  • The allocation of tasks to employees
  • Driver Identification
  • Vehicle management and maintenance
  • Alerts of exit or entry in specific zones
  • Travel history
  • Time stamp on mobile phone

Bell Fleet Freedom® Solutions

Locate, manage and protect your assets.

Fleet Freedom™ is highly scalable GPS software platform that can help your organization effectively manage its fleet of vehicles, assets and mobile devices. It includes a Web application with multiple functions, integrated mapping and comprehensive fleet management capabilities.

Bell's Fleet Freedom solution offers flexible options for communicating with employees in the field. This range of mobile tools includes user-friendly location and distribution capabilities in real-time allowing managers to view detailed historical reports of desirable and undesirable behaviours. Fleet Freedom goes beyond simple localization: it's a complete mobile management solution.

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