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You can also get the best TV service


TV Fibe offers you breathtaking 4K-image quality, the most requested channels, thousands of movies and programs on demand and a unique set of advanced features:

  • Replay broadcasts up to 30h
  • Pause the TV on all your TVs
  • Record from anywhere on any TV
  • Installation and movement of wireless receivers
  • Access more than 500 channels in addition to Apple TV

Recorder anywhere in your home 4K + HD

Discover what Fibe TV offers compared to cable:

  Bell Vidéotron
The best 4K receiver with 320h recording in HD, the smallest format, and with a Bluetooth remote control X
Replay programs that have been shown in the last 30 hours X
Move your TV where you want with Wireless TV X
Get the only receiver that allows you to pause live broadcasts and back them up on up to 6 TVs X
Get the only receiver that allows you to program and watch your recordings on all your TVs X
Access to the largest selection of International channels, and the largest number of channels in HD X
Access NETFLIX on all your TVs. No need to change remotes, input sources or add equipment. X



Fiber Optics network availability

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