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Electronic work order

Create your work orders in a few clicks!

We distribute the ideal tool for managing your service calls, maintenance, deliveries, pickups, purchase orders and quotes. This cloud-based dispatch platform is also a mobile task management application for your employees on the road. Managing your operations has never been easier!

The solution integrates

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Electronic work order

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Planning and dispatching

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Mobile billing on site

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GPS tracking and geolocation

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Time management


Electronic work order

It's like creating a paperwork order but in much less time! With just a few clicks, you can select the job's appointment date, assigned employee, summary, description, client and work location. It's so simple and fast. Then follow the work done in the field in real-time in an easy-to-understand interface.

Planning and dispatching

Perform your planning by assigning your tasks to your employees on our calendar in drag and drop mode. Your tasks to the schedule are on the left side of your screen, your employees in the centre and the calendar on the right. It is, therefore, simple to select a task and drag it into the calendar of the desired employee. Once your schedule is complete, click the Distribute All Tasks button to send them to your employees' mobile devices.

Taking pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words! Take pictures of jobs on your mobile device as attachments to your tasks. They are automatically archived and can be viewed on your mobile devices or web interface by any authorized user.

On-site mobile billing

The faster you invoice, the quicker you get paid! With the application, you automatically access your product and service catalogue in the field. You can select quantities, categories, parts, services, etc. and generate a complete invoice.

GPS tracking and geolocation

Be aware of the movements of mobile devices connected to your account. The solution lets you know the location when a task is updated or time is taken. It is also possible to see the movement history of your resources. This function allows you to correlate timesheets with accuracy.

Electronic signature

You can invite your customers to sign electronically on your mobile device with their fingers or send them an email to accept with a single click. Once the work order is approved, a final copy is emailed directly to the customer.

Time management

Your employees can clock in and out, just like a traditional time clock, directly on their cell phones. You will then know how much time they spent on the road, working or on a break and can generate time entry reports.

Text message notification

When your employee changes the status of a task on their mobile device to "On the way", the application can notify your client by automatically sending them a text message (SMS). This can be customized to your needs. It is also possible to inform the client by email.


A simple, straightforward and fast survey. The turnkey customer satisfaction solution allows you to create surveys and analyze the results. Follow the evolution of your customers' satisfaction through our streamlined interface.

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