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Ranked #1 Canada's fastest mobile network, which covers over 32 million Canadians from coast to coast


Fibre optic uses light to deliver the Internet. It’s the fastest Internet technology

Fibe TV

Fibe TV brings you jaw-dropping 4K picture quality and your most-loved channels, live and on demand

Home Phone

The most reliable and popular Home phone service in Canada


With shipping across Canada offered to you 24/7, you will receive your mobile equipment quickly and efficiently. We take care of everything for you. Let one of our professionals answer your needs today and present you with a business solution with our free evaluation of your services.

Device Upgrade

Verify your admissibility to upgrade your phone

Fiber optic network availability

Verify if Bell Fibe TV is available in your area


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Free evaluation of your services

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Today, telecommunication is in constant evolution. Bell is the leader in the industry, as well as the one who invests the most in new technologies. Proud of his partnership with Bell, and at your service since 1985, Communication Ideale is your agent for all your communication needs.

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