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Mobile device management MDM

Our 4-in-1 mobile device management services

Communication Idéale, your company of choice in telecommunication services, offers you its Mobile Device Management (MDM) services. This solution has many advantages and is essential in wireless fleet management. Take advantage of features ranging from sending commands to smart devices to geolocation and detailed billing generation of your mobile fleet. Our team will be happy to inform you about this solution's possibilities.

Mobile device management


Sending MDM (Mobile Device Management) commands to smartphones.

Remote application installation.

Configuration of email and other accounts.

Restrict access to selected applications.

Restrict the use of certain functionalities such as connection sharing, videos on the LTE network, or wifi only for certain applications.

Turnkey service. We offer the installation and configuration of the MDM for you.


Over 30 types of reports from your Bell Mobility account information. All automated and customizable to your standards.

Internal billing tools by cost centre.

Automatic tax calculator.


The software has real-time access to your devices' LTE consumption data.

Alert by text message or email to the people of your choice according to the personalized thresholds you will have determined.

Allows you to adjust your plans and options before the end of your billing cycle to avoid overages.


The MDM allows access via the management portal to the real-time geolocation of your users.

The geolocation function allows you to delimit zones and have alerts when the user enters or leaves the zone.

Also, have access to trip histories with itineraries on maps.

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