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Vehicle fleet management

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Fleet management solution

Reduce the distance between your office and your assets in the field with Geotab! 

Geotab is one of the largest telematics companies in the world. They were the first to surpass one million connected vehicles on a single open platform. They connect commercial vehicles to the Internet and provide web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets.


Geotab's open platform and Marketplace enable small and large companies to automate their operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data assets.

Geotab by numbers

2 million

connected vehicles in 130 countries

An image showing the network that connects the world



An illustration showing a crowd of people


End customers

An illustration showing connected customers

100+ million km

Traveled daily

An illustration showing the speed in numbers

40 billion

Of data processed daily

An illustration of data processing


From 1 to 200,000 vehicles per fleet

An illustration showing a fleet of cars

6 good reasons to choose Geotab

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An illustration for fleet optimization

Optimization of the fleet

An illustration of a lock


The image of a leaf

Ecological sustainability

An image of a traffic light


An image of four arrows connected at the ends


Monitor your assets

Car remote control icon by phone

Mobile vehicles

Icon of trailers


Synchronization icon

Any other valuable asset of the company

Employee Icon

Employees (via cell phones)

It incorporates:

IFTA Report Icon

IFTA report

Electronic logbook icon

Electronic Logbook

Icon of travel history

Trip history

Driver identification icon

Driver identification

Clock icon on a cell phone

Time clock on cell phone

Vehicle management and maintenance icon

Vehicle management and maintenance

Icon for distribution of tasks to employees

The distribution of tasks to employees

Exit or entry alert icon for specific areas

Exit or entry alerts for specific areas

Icon for automated tracking of moving vehicles

Automated tracking of moving vehicles

A GEOTAB device for the vehicle

Quick installation

The Geotab GO9 is a compact vehicle tracking device that plugs directly into your vehicle's OBDII port. You can hide the device and leave the port free for engine diagnostics with the Y-cable. No antenna or cable splice is required. The installation process is quick and easy and needs no special tools or help from a professional installer.


GO9 device

Description: Our engine integration is an industry leader. The Geotab GO9 device extracts VIN, odometer and seatbelt usage records and helps managers monitor vehicle usage and identify safe and unsafe driving habits.

Available plans


Location with trip history, IFTA reports, driver behaviour, zone entry and exit, etc.


Base plus HDS compliance, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, and advanced driver behaviour management.


Base plus HDS compliance (electronic logbook), Safety round.


Base plus HDS compliance, fuel management, vehicle maintenance management, advanced driver behaviour coaching, real-time per second, Lifetime hardware warranty, advanced IOX add-on integration (IOX-BT, IOX-USB, IOX-CAN, etc.)

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