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Instant communication

To be successful, a company must be reactive and up to date with the latest technological advances. This is why Communication Idéale offers you its instant communication service powered by Bell. Indeed, we offer a service called "Press to talk". It is straightforward and allows your employees to communicate with you in real-time. This communication technology will make your life easier and improve your productivity. It is a secure, reliable and functional solution for the entire national network.

The advantages of this service

Computer icon

Web dispatch console available

Individual call icon

Individual calls possible

Button icon

Dispatch priority option

Voicemail icon

Instant voice messages

Geolocation icon

Geolocation of members included

Group call icon

Ability to make group calls

Text messaging icon

Text and multimedia messaging integrated to the application

Phone icon

Application compatible with ruggedized devices as well as with IOS and Android

Communication device icon

Sonim branded devices available with 3 years of physical breakage coverage

An image showing several types of mobile devices

Rugged device

To provide this service in the most demanding environments, we offer a range of rugged devices that are resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures, petroleum products and dust infiltration.

Dispatch console

We provide dispatchers with a user-friendly web-based console that can be used from a Windows computer. Our console adds features to manage better the daily activities of your teams with call logs, location-based call groups, recording of all calls passing through the console, team member geolocation history, and dispatcher-defined zones with alerts.


Don't be limited by a restricted area. Push to Talk is available across Canada across the Bell Mobility cellular network. Talk from Montreal to Vancouver as if you were in the same city. The service is also compatible with the wifi network when cellular coverage is unavailable.

Types of customers

Semi truck on a highway


Person wearing an orange T-shirt delivers packages to a satisfied customer. Friendly worker, high quality delivery service.


Snow removal after a storm

Snow removal

Smiling guests giving their check-in information at the hotel reception

Tourism and hospitality

Silhouette Teams of commercial engineers searching for plans on construction sites through blurry construction sites at sunset.


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