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Signal Amplifier

Signal Amplifier

Having trouble getting a signal in your facility? 

We offer several solutions ranging from self-installation to a professional installation of a dedicated network.

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Self-installation for homes, cottages or offices. We offer two models of amplifiers that you can install yourself depending on your objective. The principle is as follows: You place an antenna outside that captures the signal available on this site and transmits it inside the building to replicate the quality of the signal outside.

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Objective 1: Improved Voice and Text Messaging

The Professional Model 


Works best in a remote cottage/cabin/camp for voice and text.


Stay connected with the powerful cell phone signal booster for mid-sized buildings that provides strong, reliable connections in areas up to 8,000 square feet.


It dramatically improves connectivity for all North American cellular carriers. Assembled and tested in the United States with exceptional build quality, award-winning technologies, compatibility with all carriers and world-class support, the Professional model is the benchmark signal amplifier for mid-sized commercial buildings and large residences.


Objective 2: Enhanced Voice, Text Messaging and Broadband Internet

The Professional 2.0 Model


This is the reference model for ultra-broadband 5G signal amplification to double the speed and coverage. Perfect for city offices, large homes or rural cottages and cabins. With a Professional 2.0 amplifier, you'll ensure your building is future-proof for all existing 3G/4G/LTE and 5G frequencies deployed across Canada. 

It combines several patented technologies to create the most advanced, spectrum rich cellular signal amplifier available exclusively in Canada. The Professional 2.0 delivers a reliable cellular signal for the fastest data speeds, improved call clarity and consistent multi-device connectivity for all Canadian cellular carriers in buildings up to 17,000 square feet when the outdoor signal is strong.

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Professional Installation with Private Network

For more extensive needs, we work with an accredited network provider partner who will come on-site to assess your needs and challenges.


Then he will prepare a quote that will include the installation of a wireless network that will replicate the outdoor signal indoors, or simply a micro cell that will have its own frequencies, in order to maximize the coverage inside the building.

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If You Want To Go Ahead With the Project, Here Are the Implementation Steps:

  1. Determine the source of the signal, either via an outdoor antenna or via a source directly connected to the cellular exchanges.

  2. Install an amplifier that will reproduce the source frequencies inside the building.

  3. Install and connect the antennas via the required cabling.

  4. Maximize installations and adjustments and list the site with cellular providers.

  5. Update the installation database.

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