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IoT internet of things

Connected devices

The IoT Internet of Things is ubiquitous and will soon be essential, connecting the physical and digital worlds to transform how Canadians live and do business. Don't worry, we're here to make it simple! Bell offers expert support and the best selection of IoT platforms and equipment. All powered by Canada's best national IoT network.

Here is some example of an IoT solution:

Remote tank monitoring icon

Remote tank monitoring

Get accurate, real-time information on tank levels to avoid unnecessary leaks or service calls. Combine remote sensors with predictive analytics for preventive maintenance and optimal routing information. Whether you dispense gas, propane, bulk liquids, or more, tank monitoring from Bell will help you save time and money.

Energy management

Energy management solutions from Bell use intelligent sensors to remotely monitor and trend energy use in your buildings to help you increase operational efficiency. Track and manage your consumption in real-time and receive alerts to be aware of variations to make adjustments and improve your profitability proactively. Your company can even integrate with its existing building management system and leverage existing resources to monitor and manage many critical processes in multiple buildings worldwide.

Intelligent parking

With real-time information on available spaces, entrances, exits, etc., visitors spend less time searching for a parking space and more time inside your company. Live updates can be displayed on digital signage or read using an easy-to-use smartphone app. Visitors can also view this information to see how much time is left before their parking card expires.

Many other services are available. Visit the Bell website for all the details.

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Many other services are available. Contact us for an informative meeting to share best practices in your industry.

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