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With the latest devices combined with the best national network in the country, we enhance business productivity in the office and on the go. Discover our vast inventory of the most popular brands in the business. At Communication Idéale, we offer 5 connected devices: cell phones, tablets, ruggedized devices, LTE/5G modems, dongles and mobile wifi.

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Discover a vast inventory of the most popular brands in the business world:

Small or large companies?

Communication Idéale can serve companies of all sizes. No matter how many employees you have, depending on the number of users on your account, we will negotiate agreements with Bell Mobility's pricing team and ensure their implementation within your company. We guarantee you the best possible service and a personalized offer. Entrust us with your cellular mobility needs today!

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BYOD or subsidy?

Our agreements offer the flexibility to activate your lines on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plans, significantly reducing the monthly cost and allowing for an easier transition when migrating to Bell Mobility from another provider. In addition, if you wish to provide a device to your users, we offer discounted packages. For more information on our offers, contact Communication Idéale!

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To rent or to buy?

The telecommunications market has undergone many changes and improvements over the past two decades. Nowadays, more options are available to fit the budget of each company. Communication Idéale is no exception and offers you its "leasing" formula. Many companies are now opting for our leasing formula. Did you know that the monthly lease payment is a tax-deductible operating expense at the end of the fiscal year? It is not considered a debt, so you maintain a healthy and stable financial situation. This strategy also allows you to have access to state-of-the-art equipment. Think about leasing cell phones for your business!

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One phone, 2 numbers!

Communication Idéale also offers you the eSIM technology. This technology allows you to provide a phone and a business number in your company account while allowing the team member to have his private number with the provider of his choice on the same device. This real revolution will enable you to have two different numbers on a single device. You can freely alternate between a business number and a private number. No more forgotten cell phone problems! You can be reached at any time by your colleagues and family.

eSIM service

The eSIM technology can allow you to provide a phone and a business number in your corporate account and offer the possibility to the team member to have his private number with the provider of his choice on the same device.

What is eSIM technology?

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, the Google Pixel 6 and later cell phones are dual-SIM smartphones that allow the use of both a nano-SIM card and an eSIM card. This feature will enable you to activate two phone numbers on a single mobile device.

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Connected tablet: large screens for increased productivity

Equip your teams with tablets and watch your productivity grow! Communication Idéale offers you its connected tablets on the Bell national network. The space-saving, the ease of transport and the multitude of possible applications make the strength of this tool. Connected to the nationwide network of Bell, these tablets will allow you to ensure the continuity of your operations at any time. Try them now!

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5G internet: mobile internet and LTE redundancy

Communication Idéale proposes two mobile internet offers. On the one hand, LTE redundancy and, on the other hand, a mobile Wi-FI solution. These solutions allow you to stay in operation whatever the cost and contribute to improving your productivity.

LTE redundancy avoids losses due to wired network failures. We have a wide range of business devices at your disposal.

We also offer a mobile wifi solution. Share your wireless connectivity with multiple people with our LTE modems. Whether a job site trailer, a mobile workshop or an event, they allow you to collaborate seamlessly in the field.

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Specialized accessories

At Communication Idéale, we offer much more than just protective covers for phones. Indeed, we have a wide range of specialized accessories for heavy vehicles, construction sites, instant communication services, tablets and many others. Visit our store in Repentigny to take advantage of it!

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Discover our large inventory of the most popular brands in business

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