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Connecting customers and colleagues

Covid-19 has taken companies by surprise, many were not prepared for telecommuting. Employees have had to adapt to using their messaging applications to communicate with colleagues and customers and share private information (status, phone numbers, etc.)


IP telephony was designed for mobility, with telecommuting applications that provide secure communications for the entire team.


With iOS and Android telecommuting apps, business communications are no longer tied to the physical office. Take your extension anywhere you go and work even on the go.


Make and receive calls, chat with colleagues, and participate in video calls to ensure customer satisfaction, even from a distance. Keep your remote teams productive and enable seamless collaboration between colleagues and customers with these advanced features.

Team collaboration

Our integrated video conferencing system lets your internal and external teams meet and share ideas from any device, anywhere. Your team synergy will be supported, no matter where they need to communicate and collaborate.


The desktop application allows users to access voice through the softphone, conferencing, and instant messaging applications on their computer so they can collaborate anywhere, anytime. Users can also share their availability and perform several call management functions. The mobile application allows users to use their corporate identity when making or receiving smartphone calls. This will enable them to switch between mobile and desktop devices seamlessly.

Advanced calling features

The service includes advanced call routing and management features: Email voicemail, simultaneous ringing and "Find Me", "Follow Me" - which allows a single number to ring on multiple devices and more. Single output display on all your phones and mobile devices. Also, benefit from standard phone features like call display, call forwarding, speed dial and more.

Web portal

Manage calls and features such as automated attendants, hunt groups, recorded calls, availability and more from anywhere with the user-friendly web portal.

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